EV Charger Installation

At RVS Electrical, we pride ourselves on our extensive experience as electric vehicle (EV) charging station installers. Whether you need an EV charger for your home or your business, we are committed to guiding you through selecting and installing an efficient EV charging station.

RVS Electrical Is the EV Charging Expert

Throughout the years of working on residential and commercial properties, our team has developed a five-step effective procedure for installing EV charging systems.

1. Consultation

We start each project by talking with you to understand your specific needs.

2. Site Inspection

Before installation, we perform a detailed site inspection to determine the best location for EV chargers.

3. Recommendation

Based on your particular circumstances, budget, and requirement (commercial or residential), we recommend an ideal charging system.

4. Installation

Once you have chosen your preferred unit, our licensed professionals take care of the installation process safely & efficiently.

5. Education

After successful installation, we provide comprehensive guidance on system operation handling to ensure optimal usage.

As EV Charging system experts, we can set up all types of charging systems, ranging from Level 1 to fast-charging Level 3 systems.

Level 1 Chargers connect to standard 120-volt outlets and are perfectly designed for home use. They offer an average of 8 km charge per hour, taking anywhere between 12-20 hours for a full battery charge.

Level 2 Charging Systems are more powerful as they deliver up to 240 volts. These units generate approximately 30 km worth of charge every hour and can fully recharge a battery in about six hours, making them suitable for homes or offices.

Level 3 Chargers (also known as Fast Chargers) make use of direct current connections. These chargers can deliver a charge of up to 100 kilometers range In half an hour and are ideal for parking garages/lots.

RVS Electrical is your top choice for dependable and efficient EV charger installations. Our wealth of experience, coupled with our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, ensures we deliver unmatched service tailored to individual needs.

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