Residential / Tenant Upgrades

At RVS Electrical, we understand how essential professional electrical services are when performing tenant upgrades to ensure safety and strata compliance.

Assisting With the Approval Processes

Before performing any upgrades, we liaise closely with your strata corporation to get full approval for planned electrical work. Our team will engage in detailed discussions, explaining what the project entails while answering any questions about our procedures.

Keeping Detailed Documentation

RVS Electrical believes in transparency at every step of our working process. For this reason, we provide comprehensive documentation, including all necessary permits, contracts, reports and other paperwork involved in each project. We meticulously record every aspect of our work for unbiased assessment by your strata corporation, thereby maintaining accountability throughout the project.

Maintaining Streamlined Communication

We act as a conduit between homeowners and strata corporations during each task. Our team ensures that everyone involved stays well informed about all phases of the project from start to completion. By adopting an open-line communication policy, we address concerns raised by either party, paving the way for smoother and more effective execution of jobs.

RVS Electrical Makes Your Upgrades Stress-Free

With RVS Electrical at your side, you can trust that your residential or tenant electrical upgrades will be carried out expertly and align with your strata corporation's standards.

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